Trademark Guidelines

Please read and strictly adhere to these CNT ENGINEERS Trademark Usage guidelines ("Trademark usage guidelines") with respect to the Trademarks, Copyrights (whether registered or not) owned by CNT ENGINEERS before dealing with either directly or indirectly with CNT ENGINEERS or with any of the Service developed or provided CNT ENGINEERS.

You are presumed to have read and you shall be bound to follow these Trademark usage guidelines when you directly or indirectly deal, use, purchase, and collect CNT ENGINEERS range of services developed.

The term "CNT ENGINEERS Trademarks" shall mean and include:
1. All the past, present, Service developed (including all its new Services), designed and provided by CNT ENGINEERS.
2. All the technical documentation, Drawings, Test Reports, Quotations and content on the website of CNT ENGINEERS, whether copyrighted or not.
3. All the trade name, coined words, logos, symbols, slogans, jingles, brochures, pamphlets, Test Report format, email, Photos, videos, used by CNT ENGINEERS in any type of advertising, marketing, documentation, software whether in print or online or any other type of mediums and whether registered as trademarks or not and whether copyrighted or not.

Authority to Use
1. Each and every usage of CNT ENGINEERS will require prior written authorization of Proprietor unless specifically waived by Proprietor.
2. A use CNT ENGINEERS in correct and legible form and as guided by Proprietor, if specifically authorized by Proprietor in writing.
3. For using the CNT ENGINEERS range of services developed, you warrant to accept the Trademarks, Copyrights usage guidelines of the respective CNT ENGINEERS service developed.

You Cannot:
1. Register any CNT ENGINEERS under any Intellectual Property laws whether in India or anywhere in the world.
2. Use/Register any CNT ENGINEERS i.e. similar or deceptively similar to that of CNT ENGINEERS to create utter confusion as to CNT ENGINEERS or denotes/conveys any affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship by CNT ENGINEERS
3. Use/Register any CNT ENGINEERS as the business name, name of the Company/Partnership/Sole Proprietor/Corporation/Trust/Society or any form of organization whether in India or anywhere in the world.
4. Use/Register any CNT ENGINEERS (CNTE) as domain name, product name, telephone listings and account names on various platforms etc.
5. Use/Display the product images of the CNT ENGINEERS Service developed on your website without the express written authorization from CNT ENGINEERS.
6. Use CNTE with respect to any illegal, false, defamatory, objectionable, objectionable to public policy, pornographic, scandalous materials of any sort.

Please note that CNT ENGINEERS Trademarks are the precious and valuable Intellectual Property of CNT ENGINEERS. Failure to adhere and comply these Trademark Usage Guidelines by any person/corporation/company/organization warrants legal and penal actions by CNT ENGINEERS under the applicable laws of India. All matters shall be subject to Kalyan jurisdiction. If you come across any violation of these Trademark guidelines as framed and updated by CNT ENGINEERS from time to time, please contact