One India One Tax

1nation1taxWe are now providing our services with more efficiently and promptly across the country as all state boarder check post are abolished. Our transportation expenses are now reduced. Our ‘Delivery Challan for job work’ (e-Waybill) has legal status and will be issued from GST server.

We are mobilizing our ‘Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Van’ with tools-tackles in all states with e-Delivery Challan (e-Waybill).

Our efficiency is improved more.

“One Nation ! One Tax ! One Market ! One e-Waybill”

We are succeed to improve megger value of an 18 years old Transformer

G54 100200151600012We are succeed to improve megger value of an 18 years old Transformer. The initial megger value was 80 Mega-Ohm, after successful overhauling process, we achieved megger value 10,000 Mega-Ohm. We completed overhauling process within short shutdown period of 4 days. We succeed to add consumed life of transformer; it means the transformer is now ready to give service for next 18 years hopefully. Today the purchase cost of new capital equipment is high with cost of commissioning & cost of production loss due to equipment failure.

The overhauling is only an alternate and better cost saving method to prevent transformer life and best solution to avoid new purchase cost.

How to schedule filtration of Transformer oil without Power shutdown?

CtGloa5UEAE18N7.jpgOur purification plant removes impurities contaminating dissolved and free moisture, dissolved gases or air, sludge as a result of oxidation, suspended dust, drum scale, rust, or presence of other material, and adventitious solids, such as carbon products formed due to arcing.

Till date shutdown of power transformer was essential requirement to execute purification of transformer oil for power transformer in service.

Along with better purification plant, the updated and improved process able to carry out on-line (Live-Line) filtration of Transformer oil of Power Transformer.

We updated our filtration process with accuracy and improved to carry out On-Line (Live-Line) filtration of Transformer oil of Power Transformer with live system from 11KV, 22KV, 33KV to 132KV.

Increased fuel cost and toll charges are major obstacle for contractor to mobilize service to long distance clients. We utilize fuel efficient light commercial vehicle with mileage of 18 KM per Kilometre by which we offer lowest to & fro transportation of Rupee 5.50 per Kilometer for locations all over India.

It will be pleasure for us to mobilize our updated filtration service at your power plant and to schedule filtration of Transformer oil without power shutdown.