Quality Policy

CNT Engineers are committed to:
    ❖ Understand customers❜ needs and accordingly design safe maintenance service.
    ❖ Develop cost effective maintenance service with quality standard.
    ❖ Develop economical methods to restore the properties of transformer oil.
    ❖ Develop best method to durably increase the service life of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Provide highest quality standard for Power Transformer services,
            ✓ Repair
            ✓ Rewinding
            ✓ Overhauling
            ✓ Drying
            ✓ Maintenance
            ✓ Filtration
            ✓ Recondition
            ✓ Reclaim

Quality Objectives

CNT Engineers are strives to achieve these objectives by:
    ❖ Developing quality management process.
    ❖ Developing new service design for maintenance of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Generating rich computerized data for varies Designs of Power Transformer.
    ❖ Continually improving services with latest standards.

Our mission

CNT Engineers mission is to:
    ❖ Strengthen position in business segment through technological innovations.
    ❖ Attain the top position in industry by offering best services to clients.
    ❖ Be a best company by continually developing,
            ✓ Expertise
            ✓ Professionalism
            ✓ Skills

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

CNT Engineers statement of general policy is to:
    ❖ Provide adequate control of the health and safety risk arising from work activities.
    ❖ Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees.
    ❖ Consult with employees on matters affecting their health safety.
    ❖ Ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks.
    ❖ Provide and maintain safe machine and equipments.
    ❖ Maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
    ❖ Give adequate training to all employees.
    ❖ Ensure safe handling and substances.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

CNT Engineers are committed to maintain a safe healthy working environment that is free from any abuse or misuse of drug and alcohol. Any illegal possession, distribution or sale of drug or alcohol by any personnel of our company is strictly prohibited. CNT Engineers shall co-operate and assist any legal authority for ceasing and counteracting drug abuse. All personnel joining the CNT Engineers are required to submit their drug and alcohol testing as and when asked by the company. Refusal to prevent oneself for the test or incase of testing positive will result in immediate termination of employment.

Road Transport and Driving Policy

CNT Engineers are committed to:
    ❖ Exercise our staff periodically to upgrade their skills.
    ❖ Follow motor vehicle act and vehicle safety rules.
    ❖ Employ bona fide driver with legal driving licence.
    ❖ Promote driving safety on road and in plant.
    ❖ Use energy efficient and less polluting vehicle and fuel.
    ❖ Check vehicle pollution periodically.
    ❖ Take adequate action to control of the health and safety arisk arising from work activities.